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Mass Media Propaganda 2

What's Missing From Time's Iran Timeline By 7 Comments You learn a lot about the corporate media when they try to give you a history lesson–since what's left unmentioned can say so much. In the October 7 issue of Timemagazine–the one with the headline "Iran's Dubious Charms" on the cover–a long piece about Iran includes the graphic pictured to the right. Now, anyone who might want to understand US/Iran relations is not going to find out very much from this. It's not easy to summarize a half century or more of history, but the items selected here are more than a little curious. How important was it, really, that Bill Clinton almost but didn't quite meet the Iranian president in New York? It's hard to think that will go down in the history books as being an especially notable non-event. Likewise, Barack Obama's Persian New Year's video greeting to Iran's Supreme Leader in 2009 is unlikely to be cited by many historians as one o…

Selling Hillary Clinton 8

Hillary Clinton: It's Not Her Turn By Richard Kim, The Nation 05 October 13
ecause there are only 824 days to go before the 2016 Iowa caucus, it's time to start thinking about who should win the Democratic Party's nomination-Hillary or Not Hillary? Before you roll your eyes and turn the page, allow me to note that all the talk about the next, next national election isn't just the idle chatter of bored, twitchy journalists. The world may still be waiting for that white plume of smoke to rise above Chappaqua, but Clinton's supporters are not. They've already started a Ready for Hillary PAC, which has raised over a million dollars in its first six months and secured the services of two key former Obama campaigners, Jeremy Bird and Organizing for America director Mitch Stewart. EMILY's List has launched the Madam President project, which coyly pretends to agitate for a woman president, but which recently hosted town halls in Iowa and New Hampshire that became d…

Mass Media Propaganda

Anonymous Israeli Official Tells Post: You Can't Trust Persians By 5 Comments
The Washington Post granted anonymity to an Israeli official so they could offer this original and incisive metaphor. (cc photo: Johannes Zielcke) Today the Washington Post(10/1/13) has a piece about how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not pleased with the thaw in US/Iran relations. That's not surprising. But I was a little surprised that reporters David Nakamura and William Booth allowed this: Israeli leaders fear that the international community, and the United States in particular, is in danger of being duped by the Iranians. One official compared the Americans to tourists wandering into a Middle East bazaar. "The Persians have been using these tactics for thousands of years, before America came to be," said a senior Israeli official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because Netanyahu has asked his government to remain silent until he addresses the UN Genera…

De Mainstream Pers 41

Tijdens zijn Abel Herzberg-lezingsleepte Geert Mak ineens de grote Goethe er met de haren bij:
‘Saatfrüchte sollen nicht vermahlen werden.’ Goethe zei het al, ‘zaaizaad vermaal je niet’. Hij doelde op de jeugd die ten oorlog trok. Het geldt evenzogoed voor deze crisis.
Ik vrees dat hier sprake is van name-dropping, om het mainstreampubliek in de Rode Hoed te vleien. Als Mak werkelijk Goethe had bestudeerd dan had hij de volgende uitspraak van hem over Europa moeten citeren:
Die Muttersprache Europas ist das Christentum.
In het Duitstalig gebied wordt nog steeds benadrukt dat de grote Duitse auteur ervan doordrongen was dat:
das Evangelium eine Schrift, ein Wert, der Europa gemeinsam ist und es prägt. Vielleicht eben weil eine beängstigende Auflösung der Gesellschaftstrukturen und der philosophischen Werte im Gang war, suchte Goethe nach einem sicheren und allgemeinen Bezugspunkt und entdeckte ihn im Evangelium, in der christlichen Botschaft. Ob er heute noch so schreiben könnte? Ob er heu…